Montana Outfitting Business for Sale

Our hunting lodge is located just outside of Darby, Montana near the Bitter Root National Forest. Enjoy Elk hunting in comfort

Well established and respected business

Since 1995 we have provided our clients with excellent hunts and made the experience as fulfilling and memorable as possible. We are offering you the opportunity to own and operate this well established outfitting business for only $49,000. Here is what you will be purchasing:

  • Our well respected business name - WW Outfitters.
  • 49 Net Client Hunter Use (NCHU). Will consider selling these separately to a Montana outfitter.
  • Our client list.
  • Web site.
  • A list of the ranches we have leased and hunted on.

Call for information if you have never been a Outfitter in Montana, their are certain things you will have to do in order to take the outfitter test. If already a Montana outfitter the NCHU is for sale to increase your clients. Call today (903) 907-0327 or send us E-mail. You can enjoy the rewards of being your own boss.

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WW Outfitters, Inc.
P O Box 956
Jewett, Texas 75846

Phone (903) 907-0327

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